Uniting Movement Convention – Digital 2020

Our Tulum convention has been moved online, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

You in?

We are. All the way IN!

Surrounded by lush tropical acres, sugary white sand and magnificent colonial architecture, join Nadia Carriere, Tara Jae, Crystal Palermo, Eric Toher, Jamie Kinkeade and Anjua Maximo for the Uniting Movement Convention.

  • WHEN: October 17th – one day
  • WHERE: Wherever you have internet access
  • WHAT: Movement, yoga, bio-hacking, Merge, ‪11:11‬ The Practice by Tara Jae, Pure Mvmnt, sound bath, moving meditation, workshops, classes, and so much more!

Your convention package includes all classes and workshops.

Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with music, movement, and fun from home!

Price: $225 for the LIVE Zoom event, or $399 for the recorded event (no need to attend in person).

Email: nadia@universalschoolofyoga.com to book your spot, or pay in full via PayPal. All deposits are non-refundable.


  • 8-10 AM – Morning Yoga and Opening Circle with Nadia Carriere
  • 10:15-11:15 AM – Ignition with Jamie Kinkeade – Along with the use of inspiring audio and motivational music, Ignition uses intense physical movement to push you into uncomfortable spaces where you will be guided to become aware of the thoughts which emerge when you are met with struggle and resistance. We then work to replace those thoughts with ones that will power you through creating a new recognition of that which you are truly capable and how to rid yourself of the self-deprecating monologue that is holding you back from igniting the spark deep within and living your best life. A yoga mat and shoes are optional, soul is not.
  • 11:30-1 PM- 3 Truths and a Lie: The Story of Female Bio-Synching with Crystal Palermo – As women, it has been strongly assumed that anything our male counterparts do, we can do too. While it is true we are not limited to doing less, the real magic is in the means of how we do it. For too long women have been unstudied, left out of research, and many assumptions (and many of them wrong) have been made about what our bodies and brains are capable of and how to get the best results. Not anymore! There are truths about the rhythms of our bodies and how that influences our brains and our ability to accomplish certain tasks, start new projects, complete goals, nurture ourselves and others, have challenging conversations and even solve complex problems (like 2020). All of this can be done through synching up with these systems that drive us and allowing the magic of our female complexities to shine through and get sh*t done. Learn practical techniques and methods that allow you to naturally biosynch your life with the needs and waves of your mind and body all while honoring the way you were DESIGNED. We will discuss the many unique aspects of females that don’t have us competing with our male counterparts but working more cohesively and within our own gift zone.
  • 1:15-2:45 PM – MovMEANT – A Movement Meditation Technique created by Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson – MovMEANT is a movement meditation technique created by Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson. It is for those seeking a deeper understanding of oneself through the body’s eMOTIONal discharge. MovMEANT uses the intelligence of the body as the tool to seek CLARITY by mapping sensations in the body to guide the inner journey. Allowing the body to speak, frees the mind from its constant need to latch on, understand, deconstruct and judge, thus allowing the mover to get straight to their truth, hold it and then let it go. 
    MovMEANT playshops focus primarily on moving through felt sense while listening to your YOUnique body conversation. Expect to leave this workshop inspired with a clear mind and a light body. The body doesn’t lie. Give it a chance to “speak” and it will set you free.
    ALL LEVELS as YOU MOVE LIKE YOU! Nothing other than an open mind is required. Come move back into your freedom! 
  • 3-4 PM – 11:11 The Practice with Tara Winterhalter – is an urban yoga methodology that uses palindromes to create unique power yoga sequences. Rather than moving right to left, our sequences are done in reverse order. We use 11 primary poses chosen to warm up the body and target specific muscle groups. We then move into a burst of cardio, strategically placed in the class to keep the body in fat burn mode. Throughout class, we bring awareness to the 7 chakras, fire up the core, and move through 11 sun salutations done to upbeat music with positive intention to attract your current goals and let go of what does not serve you.
  • 4:45-6:15 PM – Light: A Messenger with Eric Toher – How various forms of light impact our biology and health outcomes and how we can harness the power for health and healing.
  • 6:30-8 PM – Pure Mvmnt with Anjua Maximo – A sensual embodiment class designed to bring women closer to their divine feminine energy. rewrite the stories around our bodies and sexuality. 
  • 8:15-9:15 PM – Closing Remarks with Nadia Carriere & Sound Bath with Alessandra Montana – This is a full sound bath meditation with one of the very best. Get your yoga mat, blanket, and bolster, and allow the sound vibration to take you to another space. This is such a powerful experience!

Who’s teaching?

Nadia Carriere

Attentive to detail and leading with intuition, Nadia is a truth seeker in every sense. Her steadfast curiosity and ambition continuously push the envelope, opening doors to new ideas. As an internationally known yoga teacher and educator, Nadia leads with soul, fire and intent, which attributes to a teaching style that is both uplifting and powerful.

Her association with yoga began at birth having been raised in a Vedic household, thus fueling her fire to create a yoga school that combines both the traditional and modern sides of yoga. She is extremely passionate about education, personal growth, and discovering the world. Working in the tourism industry for over 20 years, and her experience as a travel writer and retreat leader has given Nadia a deep respect for culture and a dedication to sharing moments of depth and meaning.

Nadia has been leading uplifting and empowering yoga and business/professional retreats for over 6 years. Her successful yoga career and global travels have taken her through Europe, Central America, Asia, Canada and the United States. As a writer, and social media strategist, Nadia’s work has been featured in publications such as PEOPLE, Huffington Post, TripAdvisor as well as various Disney online publications. She leads with truth, and believes that even in business one should be as authentic as possible, thus creating an on going conversation between the collide of business, yoga and social media, and how we can use it for good instead of greed, while succeeding in our businesses.

Nadia is also a homeschooling mom to the greatest inspiration in her life, 3 children, and runs a business in tourism with her husband of 16 years.

Tara Winterhalter

A professional in both the dance and yoga sphere, Tara leads with fire and flow. Dancing and competing since the age of 5, Tara has won multiple scholarships from Pulse Dance Convention where she went on to teach with top professionals in the industry. Her passion for movement is a force and catalyst for growth and change.

Tara owned a successful dance studio, teaching over 200 students who have since won national titles in the industry, before finding her love for Yoga in 2013. Her career escalated quickly, relocating her to Nashville and then to Scottsdale, Arizona for a year where she worked and trained as the Lead Master Teainer for a previous company.

Tara has certified over 1,000 instructors in Yoga. Her teaching career has taken her across the globe to destinations such as Australia, Portugal, Hawaii, across the United States and Canada. 400 teachers have been certified by her in the last 2 years alone and 191 in the direct radius of Fall River, Massachusetts.  In 2018 Tara launched her own methodology called 11:11 The Practice by Tara Jae.  This urban power yoga flow combines plyometrics, vinyasa and strength with creative sequencing done in a palindrome format.  The format has been very successful and already booking international trainings in under 6 months.

Tara’s love for her local community is deeply rooted, and she has since created and opened the highly acclaimed Ritual Sweat Society in her home town where she lives with her husband and their three children. Her innovating sequencing and format is used in multiple states and countries in the world.

Crystal Palermo

From cooperate leadership, earning a Master’s Degree in Human Dynamics and owning a studio, to traveling yogi and homeschool mom, Crystal brings a wealth of knowledge experience. It was her love for movement and music that fueled her passion in dance, fitness, ultimately teaching yoga and leading hundreds of aspiring yogis through yoga teacher training around the world. All of this lead her to meeting her now husband, Eric, and igniting a passion in movement for LIFE.

As a co-creator of Merge the Practice, Crystal’s passion has become deeply rooted in how our bodies are designed to move and ways to create lasting connections where it matters most. She believes that it is through getting in synch with the body’s natural rhythms, understanding your environment, and it’s influence on your body’s unique needs that true and lasting change takes place. Crystal values curiosity which facilitates rich discussion that allows for growth and the oh so important “ah-ha” that takes place in her workshops.

Eric Toher

Eric Toher is a corrective exercise specialist, fascial stretch specialist, and co-founder of Merge: the Practice, a continuing education platform for integrative anatomy and movement therapy. Eric utilizes his experience from years of teaching manual therapy for a nationally recognized institute, his one on one work helping hundreds of clients resolve pain, and his love for health science to serve others in leading a pain free and high performance lifestyle.

Using a combination of ancestral wisdom and modern science, Eric believes that living a life in touch with nature is imperative for longevity and happiness.

Jamie Kinkeade

Jamie was born with an innate desire to help people (women in particular) attain their highest form of being.  Throughout her childhood years and early adult life, she struggled to find her own self-worth and identity. She always assumed her abilities and talents would fall short of the life of which she dreamed.  Thankfully, the Universe had other plans for her.  After having two children, marrying an amazing man, getting a college degree, and beginning her career as a teacher, something was still missing. 

In 2013, she decided it was time to start living and opened The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade. She started doing lots and lots of work on herself so that she could dream big and truly believe that her dreams were going to become realities. Throughout this process, she found herself wanting to share everything she was learning about mindset shift and manifesting your own destiny with her students and instructors.  She wanted all women to find freedom from the inhibitions that hold them back from being the women they are meant to be.  Two years ago, during that time of heightened self-awareness, she created Ignition. Ignition is the practice of overcoming struggles in the physical realm to symbolize that we can overcome any challenge with which we are presented in all aspects of life.

This is accomplished through motivational speaking, inspirational music, intense physical, mental, and emotional strain to shift one’s perspective and mindset about life. Ignition is about learning how to believe in and love oneself more fiercely than ever before so that we can share our gifts and love with those around us. Jamie’s small fitness studio has now grown into a successful fitness and hot yoga studio filled with women dedicated to lifting each other up and encouraging one another to live their best life.  


Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of fifteen she represented the USA Rhythmic Gymnastics team at the 1992 Olympic Games. Her love of free movement, individualism and eMOTIONal exploration led her to a successful and ongoing over 20 year professional dance, aerial dance and choreography career. Within that journey came a thorough deconstruction of the eMOTIONal body and how “it” (our true essence) moves through us. This understanding cultivated the bases of her life’s work and greatest passion called MovMEANT.

During her earlier years she had the great pleasure of dancing with many popular artists such as Madonna, performing and creating various Off-Broadway productions in New York City, touring internationally with avant-garde aerial group De La Guarda’s “Villa Villa” & Fuerzabruta as an original cast member and co-creator. She also worked with the legendary Twyla Tharp and choreographed a couple numbers in the movie “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman. Gaining such production and creation knowledge throughout a decade in the thick of Broadway and Hollywood, Tamara naturally transitioned into directing many her own masterful pieces of work on stage and film. 

With a bag full of movement expertise (aerial arts, improvisation, choreography, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga and just good ol’ play) Tamara’s dream was always to show others how therapeutic tapping into the true nature of the body can be. The next organic shift in her career came with the realization of a very powerful movement meditation technique/practice she created called MovMEANT, which she now teaches and shares worldwide to all seeking to find freedom within. 

After all Tamara has accomplished she feels like she is just getting started digging into her most meaningful work yet! When it’s all said and done the only credit she wants to have on her resume is LIGHT WARRIOR. 

Anjua Maximo

Very early in her life, Anjua’s teachers realized in her someone who was compelled to help other children feel included. Anjua carried that nurturing quality through to adulthood, creating safe spaces for people and always striving to be a positive influence. It was as a manager for fitness apparel giant lululemon athletica that she fell in love with personal development, which inspired her to join forces with her husband, Zosimo, in launching a business venture in 2015 that became GrooveRyde – Cleveland’s premier boutique micro-gym.

GrooveRyde now boasts 2 locations in the Cleveland area and a team of 50+. While GrooveRyde’s mission is to transform you from the inside out, Anjua’s true passion lies with her Electric Life one-on-one coaching and Pure Mvmnt Immersion weekends. In 2014 she became a certified Life & Leadership Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). From teaching women to create a powerful vision for their lives to guiding them to a positive and powerful connection to their sensual energy, she has found ways to use movement and personal development to coach the ‘Whole Woman.

Alessandra Montana

Born and grew up in Milano – Italia- but have been living abroad since 1995. After London, Paris and Venice Beach CA, she’s been currently living in Tulum Mexico. Alessandra Montana is a Sound Keeper, a Life alchemist, teacher and a believer in Magic.  Deeply connected with the Energy of Mother Earth and with a soulful interest for indigenous traditions and old times fairy tales.

Graduated with a degree in history and literature in foreign languages, after the death of her mom, she decided to put her own dreams on hold in order to replace her in the family fashion business. Soon she was collaborating with major fashion companies in Italy and Europe, and this led to her living in Paris, London and eventually Los Angeles, where, taking a leap of faith, she moved to in 1995. She lived in California (Venice Beach and Santa Monica) for 16 years working as Director of International Sales for few different fashion companies, carrier that she decided to let go in 2008 to step into the unknown, re-create a new chapter of the journey called life and follow her own dreams.

Yoga was the facilitator of the big shift in Alessandra’s life.. from the outer of the fashion world to the inner of the self. Alessandra yoga’s journey started in 1999 when without knowing anything about yoga , she walked into her first yoga class. Her journey into Yoga was inevitable and already started without, clearly, her knowing. Alessandra began practicing Yoga with Saul David Raye as a way to release the stresses of American corporate life and, soon after, she started to organize her busy working days around her yoga schedule. Few months after her last day as corporate America, she started studying full time with Saul David Raye and embraced Bhakti Yoga (yoga of the Devotion) and Atma Yoga (Spirit in Sanskrit), offering all her thoughts and actions to a higher power as a source of help and guidance.

Finishing her initial yoga certification in Atma Yoga through Yoga Alliance, she went on to study with Micheline Berry and Shiva Rea, developing her skills into a Vinyasa Flow Practice that embraces the movement of the body as expression and release of the soul. She followed as well the teachings of Mark Whitwell and Eric Shiffmann.

In 2010 , Alessandra moved to Tulum where she started teaching full time. During the same year, Alessandra started her journey into Mayan Culture and Shamanic traditions that soon were incorporated into her life style and teachings and she was initiated “mujer de fuego” (woman of the fire) based on the Mayan tradition.

In 2011, she certified as a Reiki therapist and she started using these energetic techniques during her private sessions of yoga and later on during her healing therapies. One of her big love is music , a passion that started at an early age but manifested only in 2012 when Alessandra expanded her vision into the magic world of sounds and vibrations. and she started to share this wonderful medicine of overtones and magic through the magic powers of the Gong, Singing “Himalayan”  and crystal bowls, crystal pyramids, harmonium to mention few. Fully in love with this part of her journey, Alessandra took on the studies with pioneers in sound experiences including Don Conreaux, Methab Benton, Philippe Garnier, Lea Garnier, Richard Rubis, Tito La Rosa, Ramji Singh, Silvia Nakkach and Baird Hersey. 5 years later, Alessandra certified as a sound therapist. She, now , regularly presents sound offerings privately and publicly in Tulum -Mexico- (Sanara’, Casa Malca, Yaan Spa, Selina and Nomade to mention few) , France, Milano (Italy) and Los Angeles (California) or wherever Spirit guides her.

In 2014, she founded SUHUY (sa-gra-do) Medicine for Body and Soul that lasted for few years and guided her into a deeper solo project “One Love , One Sound” .

Alessandra started assisting her teachers Philippe Garnier and the Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux during Gong trainings and as well she offers her own training programs in Sound Healing, Sacred Vibrations, Gong Nidra, Gong Yoga, Shamanism. 

Fully immersed into the Gong Mastery Studies, she is also working with Grand Master Don Conreaux to translate his works into Italian.  

She was honored to be the personal sound therapist for Bob Weir and The Grateful Dead band as well she offered Sound sessions for the fans of Grateful Dead, Dave Matthew Band and the Phish and for the ( virtual) Festival of Cannes. 

Her work has been mentioned in Yoga Journal, New York Times, Vogue Italia/ Vogue man issue and Hollywood Reporter to mention few. .

Alessandra still lives in the outskirt jungle of Tulum, the place where dreams come true, and still loves beautiful clothes.

Applications require a $75 non-refundable fee.
Please note, we do require every student be able to comprehend and to respond with written and oral communications in English.
Applications require a $75 non-refundable fee.
Please note, we do require every student be able to comprehend and to respond with written and oral communications in English.

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